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Last week congressman Steve King, a Republican from Iowa, created controversy by posting an image on social media that asked whether red states or blue states would win in a second U.S. civil war (the clear implication is that the red states would). Understandably, King received a lot of criticism for this, for contributing to a political ...

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Mar 12, 2018 · But the next time a Democrat starts talking tough about conflict, show him Col. Schlichter’s brutal article. And then give him a change of underwear. Please like and share this story on Facebook and Twitter with your thoughts on Schlichter’s article. Who do you think would win a second Civil War? Scroll down to comment below. May 01, 2015 · Elizabeth Olsen set to appear in Civil War, so you won't have to wait until Infinity War — Part 1 to see her again, either. OUT: Hawkeye.

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There are numerous predictions of civil war, Trump assassination and the death of the American Left on youtube. It’s interesting the Big Media has almost ignored this alarming topic; however, the average white working class American and Trump supporter sees the storm approaching and makes comment on how bad it will be. Spain agreed to an armistice. In the four months of fighting, Americans had lost a total of 460 soldiers in battle. Compared to the Civil War, in which tens of thousands were often killed in a single day, these casualties seemed insignificant. "It's been a splendid little war," the ambassador to England wrote to his friend, Teddy Roosevelt. Jan 01, 2021 · No, Abraham Lincoln [ Wikipedia ] is not a Vampire. Considered to be one of the greatest president in America, he led the United States through its Civil War—its bloodiest war and its greatest moral, constitutional, and political crisis. Alternative 2020 Article 20 Mahatma Gandhi Quotes And ...

Rush Limbaugh let loose on his radio show Tuesday by sharing that he has had many Americans contact him about the ongoing riots in Democrat-run states. Listeners asked Rush: "When is the silent majority going to rise up?" He answered: "You realize what you’re asking me, don’t you? You’re asking me when is the civil war gonna start?" That's when Rush explained what's going to happen next ... Jul 26, 2017 · In the next 24 hours, 5 people will win a photograph of @ ... in their tireless campaign to support the refugees of the South Sudanese Civil War. The legends of this ... Trump has repeatedly said in public that he expects to win the election through court battles (as opposed to victory at the polls). This, on its own, wouldn't be entirely new.