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The CKEditor for WordPress WordPress plugin was affected by an Authenticated Reflected Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) security vulnerability.

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Need some pointers (i.e. links to material to read) for CKEditor XSS protection Hi, I was able to get CKEditor working nicely in my MVC project and can save the html encoded content generated. X-XSS-Protection is a security header to protect from cross-site scripting vulnerabilities. XSS header is compatible with the modern browser and often will be recommended by online security scanner...

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XSS_filtering is the culprit here. I've built 7 websites with Tinymce since CI 2.0 release and everything worked well. But the latest project was given CI 2.0.2 and when concocted with Tinymce it filters out...Common Web vulnerabilities --XSS XSS Introduction XSS is a cross-site scripting attacks (Cross Site Scripting) shorthand, in order not to be confused with Cascading Style Sheets and rewritten. This vulnerability also exists a conside...

After stored comment you will see the Stored based XSS is popped up. This is so much risk which stored the malicious code over the website using this editor. Now whoever come to this page those people will become victim of XSS attack, May be attacker can steal User account details or other techniques he use. Expected result Actual result